Google Launches a New Anti-Plagiarism Tool

Will teachers use the "originality reports" added to Google's popular Classroom platform to target cheaters—or tee up teachable moments about fair use and proper citation? (August 23, 2019)

Some FAQs for Educators on Children's Trauma

When experts talk about trauma, they mean something more than the low-level stressors children experience from watching a scary movie or fighting with a friend. (August 23, 2019)

Simulation Preps Schools for Emotional Toll of Disasters

(August 22, 2019)

Texas Law Requires Districts to Plan for Cyberattacks. Will Other States Follow?

(August 22, 2019)

States Raise 'Proficient' Bar on Tests in Last 10 Years, Study Finds

(August 21, 2019)

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A Philly Internship Program 'Keeps the City Running'

An afterschool program recruits high school students to learn technical and career skills as mechanic trainees, and earn a chance at a full-time job with the city after graduation. (August 23, 2019)

We All Pay the Price for Bad Teacher Prep

(August 23, 2019)

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Superintendent: Immigrant Kids Need a Safe Harbor in School

In the wake of anti-immigrant violence, we must help make sure that all students feel welcomed, writes Susana Cordova. (August 20, 2019)

An El Paso Teacher's Pledge: I Will Help My Students Through Their Fear

The killer may have known El Paso's demographics, but he did not know the community's heart, writes teacher Christina Mier. (August 15, 2019)

How to Combat the Pressure for Student Perfection

In the IB Diploma Programme, graders start at the bottom of the rubric and work their way up. This process emphasizes growth over gaps in students' understanding, says guest blogger Loren Baron. (August 21, 2019)

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Meet the 2019 Leaders To Learn From

Leaders To Learn From 2019

Each year, Education Week identifies some of the nation’s most exceptional school district leaders in its Leaders To Learn From report and shines a spotlight on their extraordinary impact on the success of educators and students. We are excited to reveal our 2019 honorees.
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Science Summer Program Exposes Kids to the Gross, Mushy, and Slimy

The GSK Science in the Summer program has a simple mission: “When summer is out, science is in.” Every year, the program partners with community organizations to provide access to science education during the summer.

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Digital Directions

Teens More Likely to Turn to YouTube for Current Events Than a News Organization, Survey Finds

Less than half—41 percent— of teenagers get their news from a print or online newspaper at least three times a week. And only 37 percent turn to TV news at least a few times a week. (August 14, 2019)

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I Tried a Flexible-Seating Classroom. Here's What I Learned

Experimenting with new types and arrangements of furniture can radically change your students' classroom experience, writes Julia Cin. (August 21, 2019)

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Cast Your Vote to Get Our Panels on the SXSWedu Agenda

Vote for our panels on social-emotional learning, the ed-tech market, artificial intelligence, global education opportunities and the K-12 marketplace to appear on the agenda at SXSWedu. This story is from EdWeek Market Brief, a service offering business and school leaders actionable insights about the K-12 marketplace. (August 14, 2019)

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