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Expertise defines us, Passion drives us. As the nation’s premier publisher of K-12 news, analysis, and information, Education Week’s reporters, editors, researchers, and management have vast expertise in the field, with in-depth knowledge of school-related issues and data, education policy and practice, and the news industry at large.

Our staff experts are available for media interviews and panel participation on the topics below. To contact our experts, email them individually or contact Lesli Maxwell at lmaxwell@educationweek.org or by calling 301-280-3100.

Our Leaders

  • Michele J. Givens

    President and CEO

    Michele Givens is an experienced and strategically focused publishing executive who has helped lead the nonprofit media organization, best known for publishing Education Week, in a time of profound and often difficult change.

    She joined EPE as general manager in 2001 and formally received the concurrent title of publisher in 2009. In June 2016, the EPE Board of Trustees announced her appointment to succeed her longtime colleague Virginia B. Edwards as the organization’s president and CEO, effective August 1, 2016.

    Previously in her career, Givens was the consumer marketing director for Outside magazine in Santa Fe, N.M.; associate consumer marketing manager at Rodale Press in Emmaus, Pa.; and circulation director at McGraw-Hill in Washington, D.C.

    Givens earned an M.S. in the Management of Information Technology from the University of Virginia, an M.B.A. from the University of New Mexico, and a bachelor’s degree from George Mason University.

    She serves on the board of directors of the Center for Teaching Quality and is a member of the National Press Club.

    Michele Givens

  • Beth Frerking


    Beth Frerking, a veteran journalist and newsroom leader who has worked as a top editor, reporter, and journalism educator, currently serves as editor-in-chief for Education Week.

    Frerking’s achievements include being named a magazine innovator by the Folio: 100 Awards and two National Headliner awards for her work covering children, families, and education. While at The Dallas Times Herald, she was part of a reporting team that covered the crash of Delta Flight 191. This work was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Public Service.

    Her other accomplishments include helping to launch and oversee the Education Lab, a community-funded reporting team created to expand in-depth education coverage at The Dallas Morning News, and helping to establish The Politico Network, a content-sharing network that included more than 100 news organizations, two-thirds of which were newspapers.

    Frerking’s previous experience includes editor-in-chief of The National Law Journal; senior editor and assistant managing editor at Politico; news vertical editor at The Dallas Morning News; national correspondent for the former Newhouse News Service; Washington bureau chief and congressional correspondent for The Denver Post; director of the Journalism Center on Children & Families, previously part of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, and editor of The Daily Texan.

    Frerking is an honors graduate of University of Texas at Austin’s School of Journalism.

    Beth Frerking

Editorial Staff

Lesli A. Maxwell
Managing Editor
Kevin Bushweller
Deputy Managing Editor
Daniela Franco Brown
Assistant Managing Editor
Sean Cavanagh
Managing Editor
Jessica Cuellar
Deputy Managing Editor for Digital
Catriona Ni Aolain
Managing Editor, Visual and Immersive Experiences
Catriona Ni Aolain, Managing Editor Visual and Immersive Experiences
Sam Trotter
Elizabeth Rich
Assistant Managing Editor, Opinion
Stephen Sawchuk
Assistant Managing Editor
Matthew Stone
Assistant Managing Editor
Laura Baker
Creative Director
Dominique Bander
Opinion Editorial Assistant
Olina Banerji
Staff Writer
Evie Blad
Senior Staff Writer
Jaclyn Borowski
Director of Photography & Videography
Michelle Caffrey
Staff Writer, EdWeek Market Brief
Karen Diegmueller
Senior Contributing Editor
Kaylee Domzalski
Video Producer
Emma Kate Fittes
Staff Writer, EdWeek Market Brief
Mary Hendrie
Deputy Opinion Editor
Elizabeth Heubeck
Staff Writer
Bess Keller
Senior Contributing Editor
Hyon-Young Kim
Senior Digital News Specialist
Alyson Klein
Assistant Editor
Lauraine Langreo
Staff Writer
Mark Lieberman
Lynn (Yunfei) Liu
Digital News Specialist
Ileana Najarro
Staff Writer
Alexandria Ng
Staff Writer, EdWeek Market Brief
Caitlynn Peetz
Staff Writer
Arianna Prothero
Assistant Editor
Lauren Santucci
Video Producer
Brooke Schultz
Staff Writer
Sarah Schwartz
Staff Writer
Francis Sheehan
Sarah D. Sparks
Assistant Editor
Vanessa Solis
Associate Design Director
Libby Stanford
Gina Tomko
Art Director
Mark Walsh
Contributing Writer
Madeline Will
Assistant Managing Editor
Liz Yap

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EdWeek Research Center Staff

Holly Kurtz
Sterling C. Lloyd
Assistant Director
Alex Harwin
Research Analyst
Taylor Nichols
Research Intern
Rachel Gong
Research Intern

Development & External Communications Staff

Christopher B. Swanson
Vice President, Development & External Communications
Rachael Delgado
Director, Audience Engagement & Analytics
Manas Kore
Senior Digital Analyst
Cole Amster
Digital Analyst
Marina Whiteleather
Director of Social Media & Audience Engagement
Holly Peele
Library Director
Maya Riser-Kositsky
Librarian and Data Specialist
Joshua Kearns
Director of Development
Gian Garcia
Development Intern
Cathy Johnson
Development Intern
Tanyon A. Duprey
Social Media Producer

Marketing & Events Staff

Jennifer Mosley
Vice President, Marketing
Melissa Heyeck
Director of Marketing
Jo Arnone
Content Production Director
Emma Prillaman
Manager, Event Planning & Logistics
Robyn Miller-Tarnoff
Marketing Content Manager
Elaina Hundley
Assistant Director of Subscription Growth and Audience Lifecycle Marketing
Lydia Seiders
Email Marketing Specialist
Carly Grace McNeil
Marketing Lead Generation Coordinator
Lisa Maria
Marketing Project Manager, Education Week
Kai Wilson
Marketing Intern
Sola Adewole
Customer Marketing & Support Intern
Kaylan Williams
Marketing Intern


Maurice Bakley
Publisher, EdWeek Market Brief
Guy Blumberg
Regional Manager, Advertising & Marketing Solutions
Julie Fagan
Regional Manager, Advertising & Marketing Solutions
Josh Ford
Regional Manager, Advertising & Marketing Solutions
Valerie Wettlaufer
Regional Manager, Advertising & Marketing Solutions
Daniel Criner
Regional Manager, Advertising & Marketing Solutions

Group Subscriptions Staff

Ryan Lanier
Director of Sales, Enterprise Subscriptions
Tricia Buckley
Regional Manager, Memberships & Subscriptions
Don Lee
Regional Manager, Memberships & Subscriptions

EdWeek Top School Jobs Staff

David DePasquale
Director of Sales, Top School Jobs
Shirlanda Y. Braxton
Regional Manager, Top School Jobs
Tracy Redmond
Regional Manager, Top School Jobs


Adam Kowalsky
Advertising Operations Manager
Jon Li
Advertising Operations Specialist
Rob Voigt
Advertising Operations Specialist
Mumin Kheiry
Advertising Operations Assistant
Navia Thompson
Advertising Support Coordinator
Asa Hemenway
Advertising Operations Intern

Digital Operations Staff

David A. Tashjian
Director, Digital Operations
Mikhael Leonov
Lead Engineer, Digital Operations

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