Photos and videos from classrooms and school communities tell powerful stories of students' challenges and triumphs and the educators who help put them on a path to success.
Student Well-Being Video A New Role in A New Normal: The Return to School
The final video in a series of three, two school nurses return to school for the fall.
Student Well-Being Video How Students Find Strength Now | Learning My Voice Has Power
Student-activist Brandon Griggs and Jacksonville’s Samuel Newby reflect on how to empower students to use their voice in their communities.
Student Well-Being Video How Students Find Strength Now | Becoming Independent Learners – Collectively
Principal Jill Gurtner and Matthew Thompson reflect on how a community can encourage students in the productive struggle of learning.
College & Workforce Readiness Documentary A Year Interrupted
When COVID-19 closed schools for millions of students, Education Week documented two seniors as they faced an uncertain future.
1 min read
Student Well-Being Video What Does It Mean To Be Trauma-Informed? A 4-Part Video Explainer
Studies show that children who experience traumatic stress are more likely to struggle in the classroom. But as our understanding of how students are affected by trauma expands, so, too, does our understanding of how to build a school environment to help them.
Social Studies Video Teaching About a Divisive Election—and What Comes Next
Five social studies teachers discuss their experiences teaching about the most crucial and controversial parts of a chaotic election season.
Student Well-Being Video Ideas for How to Build Confident, Engaged Learners Now
The Education Week newsroom explores a few of the practical & promising approaches to incorporate character education during the pandemic.

Interactive Projects

Special Report How We Go Back to School
To help school leaders navigate complex decisions around reopenings, Education Week explores the options for returning to school this fall.
June 11, 2020
Teaching Profession Educators We’ve Lost to the Coronavirus
In this memorial, we remember some of the dedicated educators lost to their communities and to the field.
1 min read
School & District Management Interactive Map: Where Are Schools Closed?
This national map tracks each state's mandates or recommendations on K-12 school closures and openings related to the coronavirus.
2 min read
School & District Management Interactive Data: The Schools Named After Confederate Figures
Since June 2020, Education Week has tracked if & when the over 200 schools named after men with ties to the Confederacy changed their names.
3 min read

Photo Essays

Video Projects

Equity & Diversity Video Black Student Voices: Reflecting on Race and Racism in Schools
Education Week spoke with 10 Black high school students from across the country about what they need from their schools to feel safe and supported.
Teaching Profession Video Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus
In this video series, we connect with teachers across the country to gather their insights and experiences as the entire teaching environment has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Science Video Try This at Home: Science Experiments for All Ages
Science teacher Jonte Lee offers a series of experiments for students from elementary through high school to try at home, under parental supervision, using supplies they likely already have on hand.
Families & the Community Collection Parent Changemakers: Speaking Up, Taking Action
Parents who start out advocating for their own children can end up having a big impact on an entire school community. Here are some examples of parents who have turned their concerns into action.

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