Sizing Up President Obama's Ed-Tech Record

President Barack Obama has touted the benefits of educational technology often during his tenure, but how much influence has he actually had on moving digital learning forward? (December 23, 2014)

Duncan's Edu-Predictions for 2015

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is predicting big things for college access, preschool, and ed-tech. But he doesn't mention NCLB reauthorization. (December 24, 2014)

A 2014 Recap, and Common-Core Headlines You Probably Won't See in 2015

(December 24, 2014)

You Want Students to Tell the Truth? What's In It for Them?

(December 23, 2014)

Pregnant Chicago Teachers Claim Unfair Treatment

(December 23, 2014)

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  • The Pacheco family in 2012, as featured on the cover of Education Week‘s Diplomas Count. –Nicole Frugé/Education Week
  • The Pacheco family in 2014, from left: Juan Pablo Pacheco Jr., sister Ruby Pacheco, mother Maritelma Ixmatlahua,  and father Juan Pablo Pacheco at their home in Foley, Ala. —Sharon Steinmann for Education Week

Immigration Order Brings Family Hope for the Future

Now, two and a half years since Education Week first visited the Pacheco family, the dread of detention and deportation that hung over the family has disappeared. (December 23, 2014)

Race and Schools: Commentary Perspectives

(December 24, 2014)

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Politics and the Common Core: Readers React

Education Week blogger Dave Powell's Commentary, in which he wrote that politics are harming the Common Core State Standards, elicited an avalanche of responses from readers. (December 22, 2014)

Blended Learning Is About More Than Technology

Problem-solving, not technology, should be the centerpiece of blended learning planning, say Michael Horn and Heather Staker. (December 19, 2014)

Tax-Supported Religious Schools

If parents choose religious education for their children, it should be at their own expense, says Walt Gardner. (December 19, 2014)

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Digital Directions

Historic E-Rate Draws Applause, Relief

Mostly positive reaction has been pouring in following the contentious, party-line vote by the FCC to raise the overall spending cap on the federal E-rate program. (December 11, 2014)

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Walt Whitman's Challenge to Teachers

The best advice about teaching practices doesn't have to be new—and often, it isn't, educator Eric Sundberg says. (December 11, 2014)

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Industry & Innovation

Millions of Student Records Sold in Bankruptcy Case

The sale of ConnectEDU Inc. this year played out on a public stage, and raised concerns among school leaders and privacy experts about how its considerable trove of student data would be used. (December 9, 2014)

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