Inside ESSA, the New Federal K-12 Law: Special Report on the Every Student Succeeds Act
  Inside ESSA, the New Federal K-12 Law: The Every Student Succeeds Act Explained
  Inside ESSA, the New Federal K-12 Law: ESSA's Flexibility on Assessment Elicits Qualms From Experts
  Inside ESSA, the New Federal K-12 Law: Even Under ESSA, You Need a Plan for High Opt-Out Rates
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Financial Crisis in Chicago's Schools Deepens Discord

The nation's third-largest school district is mired in money woes and fights among state and local leaders about over how to solve them. (February 5, 2016)

Laws That Can Lead to School Arrests Targeted for Change

After the violent arrest of an uncooperative South Carolina student, advocates want changes to statutes they say allow students to be arrested for offenses that may not be a crime off school grounds. (February 4, 2016)

Network Aims to Drive More Students to Teaching

(February 4, 2016)

Recruitment Challenges

PARCC Scores Lower on Computer-Based Exams

(February 3, 2016)

Chicago Principal and Her School Collect Bottled Water for Flint

(February 5, 2016)

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Technology in Education: An Overview

From blended learning to computerized testing, digital and online technologies are reshaping the classroom experience for millions of students. (February 5, 2016)

What Are Students Learning on the Football Field?

(February 5, 2016)

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Award-winning teacher Larry Ferlazzo, along with a network of leading experts, offers his take on effective approaches to classroom management.
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We Must Rethink Online Learning

A "sobering" study of virtual charters leads to funding reforms, write Marc Sternberg and Marc Holley of the Walton Family Foundation. (February 3, 2016)

A Failing Grade for K-12 State Takeovers

School turnaround plans that replicate unsuccessful state-takeover models are a disservice to students, argue Kent McGuire and three researchers. (February 1, 2016)

Is Adaptive Technology an Ed Tech Prize or Fool's Gold?

Despite its potential as a “holy grail,” adaptive technology still faces challenges with teachers and students, writes Charles Taylor Kerchner. (February 4, 2016)

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At 25, TFA Bridges Generations of Teachers

Teacher Wanda Troutman joined Teach For America's original 1990 corps. Alejandro Diasgranados entered teaching through TFA last year. We asked them to discuss their experiences with each other. View the report.

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Digital Directions

Teachers, Teens, and Social Media: Q&A With Danah Boyd

Among the hot topics at this year's EduCon 2.8 conference in Philadelphia is a new book from researcher danah boyd on the "networked lives" of today's teens. (January 28, 2016)

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Christa McAuliffe’s Students Now Teachers

Some former students of the high school teacher who perished in the Challenger shuttle explosion 30 years ago seek to honor her legacy in their own classrooms. (January 28, 2016)

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Market Brief

States Setting Higher Expectations for Their Tests

Many states have made their tests more difficult, tougher expectations that coincide with the adoption of the common-core standards. This story is from EdWeek Market Brief, a new service offering business and school leaders actionable insights about the K-12 marketplace. (January 29, 2016)

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