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FBI Raises Alarm on Ed Tech and Student Data Privacy, Security

The widespread collection of sensitive information via ed tech, combined with often-weak cybersecurity protections in schools, is leaving students at risk, the FBI warned. (December 0, )

Data-Privacy Questions From Parents That Schools Should Be Ready to Answer

The Future of Privacy Forum outlined seven big privacy questions that parents should ask their children's schools. (December 0, )

Instagram and Teens: What Do You Need to Know?

Instagram released a new guide for parents, but outside experts had different messages on what to know about privacy, identity, and healthy use of the platform. (December 0, )

'Homework Gap' Hits Minority, Impoverished Students Hardest, Survey Finds

The lack of access to technology and internet connectivity at home is especially severe among poor, rural, and minority students, a new survey from ACT reveals. (December 0, )

Helping Chief Academic Officers Make the Shift to Personalized Learning

Explore the difference between managed instruction and next generation learning, and learn ten elements of comprehensive solutions to the challenge of helping chief academic officers reframe their work. (December 0, )

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Announces $2 Billion Philanthropic Fund for Preschools, Homeless Families

Billionaire Jeff Bezos tweeted that he will be launching "Montessori-style preschools" and supporting organizations that help homeless families with a $2 billion philanthropic fund. (December 0, )

Charter School 4th Graders: Less Access to Computers in School, More At Home

A new analysis of NAEP survey and performance data examines differences in students' access to computers and use of classroom technology. (December 0, )

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Technology Counts 2018: National Survey: What Do Principals Believe?

(April 17, 2018)

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Federal Education Spending Bill Would Boost Funding for Title IV, Career-Tech

Education funding for everything from PD to ed tech will remain the same or increase in fiscal 2019–if the House of Representatives approves the spending bill and the president signs it by September 30. (December 0, )

Can 5G Tech Transform Teaching and Learning? Verizon Issues Challenge to Nonprofits

Verizon is challenging ed-tech developers to find innovative uses of 5G technology to engage middle school students in under-resourced communities. (December 0, )

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