As L.A. Strike Continues, Plans for More Labor Actions Take Shape in Chicago and Denver

Charter school teachers in Chicago plan to go on strike Feb. 5, and educators in Denver are also weighing a strike.

(January 17, 2019)

Principals Are Taking Over Teaching in L.A. While Staff Is on Strike

Schools doors are open as the citywide teacher strike continues, meaning administrators are the ones left delivering lessons.

(January 16, 2019)

‘Why Are You a Teacher?’ Your Answer Should Change Over Time

It’s not uncommon for teachers to be asked about their philosophy of education, writes Domonique Dickson. Here’s why it’s important that they keep reflecting on the purpose of their work. (January 16, 2019)

How the Shutdown Is Starting to Impact Schools

(January 13, 2019)

'Technology Will Never Replace a Great Teacher'

(January 14, 2019)

Teaching Channel Spotlight

'Citizen Science': Using Real-World Investigations to Make Class Meaningful (Video)

In this middle school science class, students learn about water quality by testing the drinking sources in their own homes. Watch the video.

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