Spotlight on Middle and High School Literacy

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On Middle and High School Literacy

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The Education Week Spotlight on Middle and High School Literacy is a collection of articles hand-picked by our editors including:

  • Reading aloud to teens
  • Promising practices in adolescent literacy
  • Using young adult literature in the classroom
  • Reading coaches in middle schools
  • Literacy in the new-media age
  • Measuring the impact of the Striving Readers program

A great value! You get the eight articles below in a downloadable PDF.

A practice usually associated with younger students is seen as having benefits for adolescents.
January 6, 2010 | Updated: February 21, 2019 – Education Week

After a five-year study, a panel of experts weighs in on how to improve reading and writing for adolescents.
September 23, 2009 – Education Week

Striving Readers, which the Obama administration wants to expand, has not shown impressive student-achievement results so far.
October 14, 2009 – Education Week

As concern over teenagers' reading and writing skills mounts, an Alabama high school shows how to teach literacy in every subject.
November 4, 2009 – Education Week

The deployment of specialists in Florida helped build teacher capacity and improve students’ motivation to read, but did not always lift test scores, a study shows.
September 17, 2008 – Education Week

Common standards should not take the joy and power of book reading away from students, Nancie Atwell writes.
February 10, 2010 – Education Week

It's time we quit judging students' ability to interpret and gather information based solely on their mastery of print media, writes Paul Barnwell.
September 23, 2009 – Education Week

Jennifer Morrison says that, despite its reputation, there's a lot for language arts teachers to like in the Twilight series.
December 2, 2009 – Teacher (Web)

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