Next Draft: Changing Practices in Writing Instruction

As Teachers Tackle New Student-Writing Expectations, Support Is Lacking

The common-core standards call for students to write more and in more complex modes, but literacy experts say that's not happening in many classrooms. (June 20, 2016)

What English-Language Learners Wish Teachers Knew

ESL teacher Wendi Pillars shares the top takeaways compiled from a student project used to hone language skills, catalyze change, and improve how teachers view ELLs. (June 22, 2016)

1 in 5 Teachers Unfamiliar With the Common-Core Standards for Writing

A recent survey finds that teachers say the common-core standards have led them to focus more on teaching writing than they have in the past, and yet they haven't gotten the proper training to do so. (June 24, 2016)

When Critics Pounce: How to Survive (& Thrive) When You're Burned as a Teacher Leader

(June 23, 2016)

Against Field Day: Experiential Education Shouldn't Be a One Day Event

(June 21, 2016)


A report from the Learning Policy Institute adds to the mounting evidence that not only confirms the value of effective collaboration but also details what it looks like. (06/20 12:14 pm)

Teaching Channel Spotlight

A Classroom Strategy: Mid-Lesson Collaboration

A Classroom Strategy: Mid-Lesson Collaboration

Kindergarten teacher Kristin Alfonzo from South Shore PK-8 School in Seattle explains how teacher time-outs are beneficial for both collaboration purposes and showing students the value of partnerships. Watch teachers engage in a mid-lesson huddle to receive on-the-spot advice about the direction in which to take a lesson and how to push student thinking. Watch the video.


(E-Book) Classroom Management Q&As: Expert Strategies for Teaching

Education Week Teacher blogger Larry Ferlazzo investigates some of the thorniest problems in teaching by turning to leading educators and thought leaders for advice. (October 3, 2013)

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