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October 12, 2016 – Education Week
To the Editor: In the Aug. 24, 2016, issue of Education Week, Marc F. Bernstein's Commentary presented an excellent argument for recertifying teachers by giving teachers and their unions responsibility for implementing that process. Bernstein accurately reviews the issues with reform, such as poor implement...
September 21, 2016 – Education Week
To the Editor: I was dismayed as I read the piece about the current accreditation of teacher education programs and how the process appears to be in disarray ("Teacher-Prep Accreditation Group Seeks Traction," Aug. 24, 2016). I have fond memories of my involvement with the National Council for Accr...
September 21, 2016 – Education Week
To the Editor: The Every Student Succeeds Act seems like more of the same rhetoric we saw under No Child Left Behind ("Weighing In on ESSA," Aug. 24, 2016). Accountability and subgroup disaggregation are still prominent. Yet, there is limited information on public school choice, the financial impac...
September 21, 2016 – Education Week
To the Editor: Physics isn't offered at two out of five high schools? ("Physics Not Offered at 2 in 5 High Schools, Analysis Finds," Aug. 24, 2016) There is no reason for that. Physics can be taught through experimentation, but it can also be taught by focusing on the ideas behind the scie...
September 21, 2016 – Education Week
September 14, 2016 – Education Week

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