6 Classroom Changes Teachers Will Make When Schools Reopen

Teaching during the pandemic is bringing home the value of fewer grades and “old people" technology, writes Gina Denny. (May 18, 2020)

Helping Students Grieve From a Distance

As fatalities from COVID-19 rise, so does the likelihood that schools will have to help students cope virtually with the loss of a beloved teacher, staff member, or student. (May 19, 2020)

Domestic Violence in the Age of COVID-19: A Teacher's Perspective

We must have extra compassion for students who have lost their safe haven during this crisis, writes high school teacher Shalander Shelly Samuels. (May 20, 2020)

Nine Ways to End This Crazy School Year Strong

(May 18, 2020)

What Students Need Before Perseverance

(May 18, 2020)

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Larry Ferlazzo’s Tips for Student Motivation: Autonomy & Competence

In this two-part series, Larry Ferlazzo, a high school teacher in Sacramento, Calif., goes in-depth on how to keep students motivated during remote learning. In part one of this series, he focuses on autonomy and competence. Watch the video.

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