Editorial Projects in Education Staff

List by Last Name | List by Division

Michele J. Givens President & CEO Executive Office mgivens@epe.org
Christopher B. Swanson Vice President Research & Development cswanson@epe.org
Ronald A. Wolk Board Chair Emeritus Board of Directors rwolk@epe.org
Business & Administration
Maurice Bakley Chief Revenue Officer mbakley@epe.org
Rachel Nathan Accounting Intern Accounting/Human Resources rnathan@epe.org
Ben Delaney-Winn General Manager, Global Sales & Advertising Product Management Advertising bdelaneywinn@epe.org
Tricia Buckley Digital Content Account Manager Audience Development tbuckley@epe.org
Stefanie Hemmingson Director Audience Development shemmingson@epe.org
Jeson Jackson Audience Development Manager Audience Development jjackson@epe.org
Ryan Lanier Digital Content Sales & Marketing Manager Audience Development rlanier@epe.org
Don Lee Digital Content Account Manager Audience Development dlee@epe.org
Sharon Makowka Digital Content Account Manager Audience Development smakowka@epe.org
Susan Puritz Digital Content Account Manager Audience Development spuritz@epe.org
Guy Blumberg Regional Advertising Manager Display Advertising gblumberg@epe.org
Julie Fagan Regional Advertising Manager Display Advertising jfagan@epe.org
Josh Ford Regional Advertising Manager Display Advertising jford@epe.org
Valerie Saba Account Executive Display Advertising vsaba@epe.org
Adrienne Smith Account Executive Display Advertising asmith@epe.org
Rita Blucker Receptionist Front Office rblucker@epe.org
Naomi Cohen Front Office Administrator Front Office ncohen@epe.org
Shaiy E. Knowles Executive Assistant Front Office sknowles@epe.org
Maria Shaffer Administrative Assistant Front Office mshaffer@epe.org
Melissa McCurry HR Manager Human Resources mmccurry@epe.org
Angela Morales Director Marketing amorales@epe.org
Conner O'Dell Events Assistant Marketing codell@epe.org
Jenny Pan Marketing Associate Marketing jpan@epe.org
Ryanne Waters Events Associate Marketing rwaters@epe.org
Tracy Redmond Recruitment Client Services Manager Recruitment Advertising tredmond@epe.org
Rob Voigt Sales Assistant Recruitment/Display rvoigt@epe.org
Shirlanda Y. Braxton Client Services Manager TopSchoolJobs sbraxton@epe.org
David DePasquale Sales Manager TopSchoolJobs ddepasquale@epe.org
Ferzine Esmail International Client Services Manager TopSchoolJobs fesmail@epe.org
Melissa Heyeck Senior Marketing Manager TopSchoolJobs mheyeck@epe.org
Digital Operations, Design & Production
Laura Baker Creative Director Design lbaker@epe.org
Sumita Bannerjee Web Designer Design sbannerjee@epe.org
Marty Barrick Designer Design mbarrick@epe.org
Francis Sheehan Designer Design fsheehan@epe.org
Vanessa Solis Associate Art Director Design vsolis@epe.org
Gina Tomko Art Director Design gtomko@epe.org
Michael Bock Senior Online News Producer Digital Operations mbock@epe.org
Chelsea Boone Online News Producer Digital Operations cboone@epe.org
Margaret Lovey Cooper Multimedia Intern Digital Operations mcooper@epe.org
Stacey Decker Deputy Managing Editor Digital Operations sdecker@epe.org
Deanna Del Ciello Multimedia Producer Digital Operations ddelciello@epe.org
Hyon-Young Kim Online News Producer Digital Operations hkim@epe.org
Kasey Lee Web Intern Digital Operations klee@epe.org
Kathleen Kennedy Manzo Managing Editor Digital Operations kmanzo@epe.org
Jonathan Rogers Senior Project Manager and Technical Analyst Digital Operations jrogers@epe.org
David Tashjian Director of Digital Operations Digital Operations dtashjian@epe.org
Charles Borst Director Photography cborst@epe.org
Kristen McNicholas Photo Editor Intern Photography kmcnicholas@epe.org
Swikar Patel Associate Director Photography spatel@epe.org
Jo Arnone Director Production jarnone@epe.org
Peter Dolak Digital Advertising Production Coordinator Production pdolak@epe.org
Kevin Kemp Digital Production Manager Production kkemp@epe.org
Grace McIlhon Production Intern Production gmcilhon@epe.org
Joslyn Nedeau Associate Production Coordinator Production jnedeau@epe.org
Emma Prillaman Event Planner, Production Operations Production eprillaman@epe.org
Kevin Bushweller Executive Editor Digital Directions kbushweller@epe.org
Caralee Adams Contributing Writer Education Week cadams@epe.org
Kathryn Baron Contributing Writer Education Week kbaron@epe.org
Evie Blad Staff Writer Education Week eblad@epe.org
Mark W. Bomster Deputy Managing Editor Education Week mbomster@epe.org
Daarel Burnette II Staff Writer Education Week dburnette@epe.org
Sean Cavanagh Associate Editor Education Week scavanagh@epe.org
Gregory Chronister Executive Editor Education Week gchronister@epe.org
Michelle R. Davis Contributing Writer Education Week mdavis@epe.org
Karen Diegmueller Senior Contributing Editor Education Week kdieg@epe.org
Emmanuel Felton Contributing Writer Education Week efelton@epe.org
Catherine Gewertz Associate Editor Education Week cgewertz@epe.org
Liana Heitin Loewus Assistant Editor Education Week lloewus@epe.org
Mary Hendrie Assistant Commentary Editor Education Week mhendrie@epe.org
Benjamin Herold Staff Writer Education Week bherold@epe.org
Marva Hinton Contributing Writer Education Week mhinton@epe.org
Brenda Iasevoli Contributing Writer Education Week blasevoli@epe.org
Alyson Klein Assistant Editor Education Week aklein@epe.org
Kathleen Kennedy Manzo Managing Editor Education Week kmanzo@epe.org
Lesli A. Maxwell Assistant Managing Editor Education Week lmaxwell@epe.org
Corey Mitchell Staff Writer Education Week cmitchell@epe.org
Michele Molnar Staff Writer Education Week mmolnar@epe.org
Aria Pham Editorial Intern Education Week apham@epe.org
Arianna Prothero Staff Writer Education Week aprothero@epe.org
Elizabeth Rich Commentary Editor Education Week erich@epe.org
Christina A. Samuels Assistant Editor Education Week csamuels@epe.org
Stephen Sawchuk Associate Editor Education Week ssawchuk@epe.org
Sarah Schwartz Editorial Intern Education Week sschwartz@epe.org
Sarah Sparks Assistant Editor Education Week ssparks@epe.org
Kate Stoltzfus Commentary Associate Education Week kstoltzfus@epe.org
Belen Bonilla Commentary Intern Education Week bbonilla@epe.org
Eric Sumner Commentary Intern Education Week esumner@epe.org
Denisa R. Superville Staff Writer Education Week dsuperville@epe.org
Andrew Ujifusa Assistant Editor Education Week aujifusa@epe.org
Francisco Vara-Orta Newsroom Intern Education Week fvaraorta@epe.org
Debra Viadero Assistant Managing Editor Education Week dviadero@epe.org
Mark Walsh Contributing Writer Education Week mwalsh@epe.org
Jaclyn Zubrzycki Contributing Writer Education Week jzubrzycki@epe.org
Kavitha Cardoza Correspondent Education Week Video kcardoza@epe.org
Erin Irwin Associate Video Producer Education Week Video eirwin@epe.org
Kathryn Kross Managing Producer and Director of Video Strategy and Partnerships Education Week Video kkross@epe.org
Cat McGrath Video Producer Education Week Video cmcgrath@epe.org
Lisa Stark Correspondent Education Week Video lstark@epe.org
Carmen Rojas Video Administration and Communications Education Week Video crojas@epe.org
Matthew Cibellis Director of Programming, Live and Virtual Events Live and Virtual Events mcibellis@epe.org
Lea Silverstein Live and Virtual Events Associate Live and Virtual Events lsilverstein@epe.org
Martin Slezak Live and Virtual Events Associate Live and Virtual Events mslezak@epe.org
Kristine Kim Editorial Intern Teacher kkim@epe.org
Madeline Will Assistant Editor Teacher mwill@epe.org
Research & Development
Mike Castellano Web Analyst Knowledge Services mcastellano@epe.org
Rachael Delgado Director Knowledge Services rdelgado@epe.org
David Rosenzweig Education Week Press Program Associate Knowledge Services drosenzweig@epe.org
Briana Brockett-Richmond Library Intern Library bbrockett-richmond@epe.org
Emily Cavanagh Library Intern Library ecavanagh@epe.org
Holly Peele Librarian Library hpeele@epe.org
Maya Riser-Kositsky Assistant Librarian Library mriser-kositsky@epe.org
Laura Zollers Library Intern Library lzollers@epe.org
Coral Flanagan Research Intern Research Center cflanagan@epe.org
Alexandra Harwin Research Analyst Research Center aharwin@epe.org
Sterling C. Lloyd Senior Research Associate Research Center slloyd@epe.org
Michael Osher Survey Analyst Research Center mosher@epe.org
Jack Williams Research Intern Research Center jwilliams@epe.org
Su Jin You Research Intern Research Center sjyou@epe.org
Holly Yettick Director Research Center hyettick@epe.org