Dean Jermaine Weems (right) tells a story about fostering kittens to teachers and faculty during a Welcome Back training at CICS Bucktown on Monday, Aug. 15, 2022 in Chicago, Ill.
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Teachers, Try This – A Video Series on Innovative Ideas for Educators

Early career educators and those further along in the classroom are always looking for new ways of connecting with and meeting the needs of their students, as well as tackling the many responsibilities that come with their roles. Here, we share some tips and tricks from teachers, for teachers on a number of different topics that can make the job of teaching just a little easier.

Teaching Video Teachers, Try This: A Pen Pal Exchange to Improve Student Writing and Build Empathy
This class experiences so many benefits through the monthly letters they exchange with their pen pals at the local retirement home.
Assessment Video Teachers, Try This: A 5-Minute Exercise to Reduce Student Test Anxiety
Inspired by a college professor, this teacher instituted “test talks” and helped reduce her students’ test anxiety.
Kaylee Domzalski, February 29, 2024
Teaching Video Teachers, Try This: A Lesson on Journalism, Misinformation, and Different Points of View
This elementary teacher taught his students a valuable lesson on how we can each experience the same situation a little differently.
Kaylee Domzalski, February 22, 2024
Sixth-grade students collaborate in the classroom.
Sixth-grade students collaborate in the classroom.
Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for EDUimages
Teaching Video Teachers, Try This: Address Student Behavior Issues With Somatic Check-Ins
Through somatic check-ins, educators and students can learn better emotional regulation, and in turn improve classroom management.
Sam Mallon, February 15, 2024
Mathematics Video Teachers, Try This: Gamify Instruction to Reduce Math Anxiety and Improve Test Scores
After this teacher "gamified" her classroom, students responded positively.
Kaylee Domzalski, February 1, 2024
Teaching Video Teachers, Try This: Beyoncé's 'Mute Challenge' to Get Students' Attention
This teacher incorporates Beyoncé's "mute challenge" and other elements of pop culture to increase student engagement.
Sam Mallon, January 4, 2024
Reading & Literacy Video Teachers, Try This: A Writing Exercise for Amazon’s Strangest Products
Students search for the strangest product they can find on Amazon, and practice writing reviews in this pre-winter break exercise.
Lauren Santucci, December 7, 2023
Reading & Literacy Video Teachers, Try This: Teach Reading Through Hopscotch
For students at all reading levels, these hopscotch mats create a fun and supportive daily reading practice.
Jaclyn Borowski & Kaylee Domzalski, September 15, 2023
Teaching Video Teachers, Try This: A Two-Minute Exercise to Foster Student Creativity
Through a two-minute weekly exercise, this Pennsylvania teacher fosters a sense of creativity in her students that extends across subjects.
Jaclyn Borowski , July 27, 2023
Teaching Video Teachers, Try This: Use Restorative Justice to Solve Student Conflicts
In this kindergarten classroom, students learn conflict resolution skills through a short restorative justice practice.
Kaylee Domzalski, July 5, 2023
Teaching Video Teachers, Try This: Use a 'Classroom Economy' to Teach Financial Literacy
Rent, inflation, and savings are all elements of this 3rd grade teacher’s plan to expand her students’ financial literacy.
Kaylee Domzalski, April 27, 2023
Teaching Video Teachers, Try This: Improve Student Engagement Through Design
Small differences in font choice and size within classroom materials can make a huge difference for students.
Jaclyn Borowski , April 6, 2023
Student Well-Being Video Teachers, Try This: Strengthen Students' Emotional Intelligence in 1 Minute a Day
This teacher incorporates a daily one-minute mindfulness exercise, and has seen huge benefits for her students, and her classroom community.
Jaclyn Borowski , March 16, 2023
Teaching Video Teachers, Try This: Help Your Students Embrace Boredom
In this classroom, students learn what to do when there’s nothing to do—a vital skill that requires practice to understand and embrace.
Lauren Santucci, March 9, 2023