Education Correction


December 07, 2004 1 min read

In the special pullout section (Taking Root) on the No Child Left Behind Act in this issue of Education Week, some of the U.S. totals for the AYP Status table on Page S6 of the print edition are incorrect. The correct totals are: The number of schools that made adequate yearly progress in 2003 is 49,388. The number of schools that made AYP in 2004 is 50,261. The number of schools that did not make AYP in 2003 is 24,611. The number of schools that did not make AYP in 2004 is 19,644. And the number of schools “in improvement” in 2004 is 11,008. U.S. totals are based on states where data were available. The table also misstates the percentage of schools in Michigan that did not make AYP in 2004. The correct percent is 23.

A story on a federal grant for rural education in the Nov. 17 issue (“Critics Question Research Center on Rural Schools”) should have said that Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning, or McREL, continues to serve as the federally funded regional education laboratory for states in the Midwest.

The People column in the Dec. 1 issue incorrectly stated Marion Joseph’s position in California from 1970 to 1982. She served as the state superintendent’s executive assistant during that time.