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Classroom Digital Assistants: Teachers' Aides or Privacy Threats?

New smart speakers like Amazon's Alexa can help support classroom teachers, but they also spark "Big Brother"-style worries. (July 17, 2018)


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Classroom Management

Classroom management is often one of the most challenging parts of teaching. Learn how educators can create successful learning environments in sometimes difficult situations.

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01/23 05:09 pm | Mental Health in Schools: Black and Hispanic Students Say They Have Less Support | Black and Latino students, as well as rural teenagers, have a harder time getting mental health services in their schools, according to a new survey from ACT. Similarly, ...

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Popularized by social media, new classroom arrangements are all the rage in K-12. But experts and educators caution there is more to it than just moving desks around.
January 22, 2020 – Education Week
Even for teachers who aren’t feeling well, a powerful mix of devotion, obligation, and fear often leads them to consider coming to work.
January 22, 2020 – Education Week
The video-sharing platform is a huge hit with teens and some teachers are beginning to integrate it into their lessons. But cyberbullying and data privacy are big concerns, experts say.
November 27, 2019 – Education Week
As the approach expands around the country, educators see a lot to be optimistic about, but remain skeptical of how it works, a national survey suggests.
November 6, 2019 – Education Week
Encouraging students to work at their own pace is a worthy goal, educators say, but difficult to pull off due to rigid school schedules and other barriers.
November 6, 2019 – Education Week
Teachers open doors for students to fuel their curiosity and pursue passion projects, but educators warn against making it a free-for-all.
November 6, 2019 – Education Week
In this Q and A, Thomas Arnett, a senior research fellow for the Clayton Christensen Institute, talks about what K-12 schools get wrong most often.
November 6, 2019 – Education Week
The multi-age grouping approach is seen as a key feature of personalized learning, but the jury is still out on its impact on academic achievement.
November 6, 2019 – Education Week
The vast majority of teens surveyed report that vaping is ever-present in their daily experience, and a majority say they frequently see related posts on social media. But teens are also getting the message that vaping can cause serious medical issues.
November 4, 2019 – Education Week
Just because some schools have pushed back start times doesn't mean teens are sleeping more and doing better. California's new mandate will give researchers an opportunity to study the impacts on a large scale.
October 30, 2019 – Education Week

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