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Tech Purchasing

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Classroom Technology Coronavirus Pushes Schools Closer to a Computer for Every Student
As school districts equip students with more laptops and tablets than ever before, the big question is how that will reshape learning inside and outside the classroom.
David Rauf, June 2, 2020
9 min read
IT Management 4 Big Cybersecurity Priorities for Schools: Training, Purchasing, Monitoring, and Budgeting
A survey of 513 K-12 technology leaders on how they are dealing with the latest cybersecurity challenges showed that 63 percent are working on training end users.
Mark Lieberman, March 17, 2020
4 min read
IT Management Austin CTO Kevin Schwartz Speaks: 5 Ed-Tech Problems and Solutions
The school district tech chief talks about helping educators avoid common mistakes, pumping up usage levels for ed-tech tools, getting tech and curriculum folks to talk to each other, and more.
Kevin Bushweller, October 1, 2019
4 min read
IT Management Opinion Last Minute Gift Ideas for the High-Tech Teacher!
Trying to find some last minute gifts for the high tech teacher in your life? Or wondering what to do with all of those gift cards you've been getting this holiday season? Here are some ideas sure to make your holiday bright!
Jennie Magiera, December 22, 2014
1 min read
IT Management Opinion Start Up Spotlight: iPevo
In this week's Start Up Spotlight, I chat with Alex Yang from iPevo, a company creating innovative peripherals for classrooms. From a $69 doc cam that can fit in your pocket, to a system that turns any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard, iPevo is dreaming up and building low-case alternatives to many pricey classroom technology staples. In this interview, Alex tells me how iPevo got started, their makerspace culture and how teachers are driving their products.
Jennie Magiera, November 2, 2014
1 min read
Special Report Navigating the Ed-Tech Marketplace
This special report focuses on the educational technology marketplace, including what it looks like, how it works, and the changes that are likely to shape it.
June 11, 2014
IT Management Opinion A Higher APPtitude: 7 Favorite Apps / Programs
What makes me stop and listen are apps and programs that offer new opportunities for my students. Tools that amplify students' ideas, thinking, or access to the global learning community. I also perk up at tools that work collaboratively with other great tools. Open APIs, shared platforms or a willingness to adapt to support multiple systems are incredibly helpful as a teacher who needs to think about reconciling multiple apps, operating systems and workflow systems. So with this in mind, here are a seven of my favorite new (and not so new) apps, tools and programs that have me digging in deeper.
Jennie Magiera, April 11, 2014
4 min read
Classroom Technology Opinion There are No Long-Term Relationships in EdTech
Pepsi or Coke? Mac or PC? Burger King or McDonalds? With brand rivalries like these people tend to pick their team and stick with it. I've witnessed patrons sending back drinks when they order a Coke and instead receive a Pepsi. I've seen wedding guests venomously arguing about which french fry reigns supreme. It seems that they are married to their brand choice - and for many this comes with a fierce loyalty.
Jennie Magiera, December 12, 2013
2 min read
IT Management Opinion Beware the Ghosts in your Budget: Scaring Out Hidden Tech Costs
Did you know that there may be ghosts in your tech budget? Today we're going to explore how to scare out these specters so as to make well-informed tech purchases.
Jennie Magiera, October 31, 2013
3 min read
Education Industry Collection Focus on: Business and Technology
Education Week's regular coverage of business and technology issues and their increasing impact on the education landscape.
September 21, 2005