Special Report

Emerging Strategies in Teaching and Learning

March 23, 2022
Cover illustration of the back of a boy wearing a backpack and inside the backpack is a futuristic scene of the same boy surrounded by tech devices.
Eva Vázquez for Education Week
With major COVID-19 disruptions seemingly waning, educators and school leaders can reflect on what has and hasn’t worked during the two long years of the pandemic.

Some instructional strategies created or honed during the crisis have the potential to drive education improvements in the future.

This report looks at key teaching strategies that educators think have staying power, including: instructional acceleration; flexible or expanded learning time; and new approaches to building student leadership and academic habits. It even looks at how teachers are turning an ubiquitous and growing class nuisance—the smartphone—into a tool for learning.

As one Minnesota superintendent, David Law, put it: “How teachers organize and think about lessons and communicate with students has changed, and will change forever.”