Formative-Assessment Videos

Using formative-assessment strategies, educators can gather information about what students are learning while they’re learning it. In these two videos, see how formative-assessment techniques play out in the classroom.

Full Report: Understanding Formative Assessment: A Special Report

In this video, Jefferson City, Mo., teacher Melissa Vernon discusses what strong and weak models of writing look like with her 1st grade class:

In this video, teacher Crystal Thayer uses a “commit and toss” activity that allows her to get a read on her 4th graders’ misunderstandings about mammals. Thayer teaches in Lewis County schools in Tollesboro, Ky.:

SOURCE: CHAPPUIS, JAN, SEVEN STRATEGIES OF ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING, 2nd, ©2015. Reproduced by permission of Pearson Education, Inc., New York, New York.

A version of this article appeared in the November 11, 2015 edition of Education Week