Table: Hurricane Update

October 04, 2005 1 min read

Some school districts in areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina were preparing to reopen this week.

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District/Enrollment Reopening Date
New Orleans/60,000 Aims to reopen some schools in November

Archdiocese of New Orleans (Catholic)/49,500 Some schools in outlying areas reopened in Sept. No date set for schools in Orleans Parish

Jefferson Parish/51,650 Most schools to reopen Oct. 3

St. Bernard Parish/8,800 No date set

St. Charles Parish/9,600 Schools reopened in September

St. Tammany Parish/34,000 Most schools to reopen Oct.3

Bogalusa/2,800 Schools to reopen Oct. 3

Plaquemines Parish/5,000 Some schools to reopen Oct. 17 SOURCE: Education Week

District/Enrollment Reopening Date

Harrison County/13,300 Most schools to reopen Oct. 3

Biloxi/6,200 Schools reopened Sept. 26

Bay St. Louis-Waveland/2,200 Aims to reopen schools Nov. 1

Gulfport/6,200 High school reopened Sept. 26; others to reopen Oct. 3

Long Beach/3,300 Most schools to reopen Oct. 3

Ocean Springs/4,600 Schools reopened Sept. 26

Pascagoula/7,500 Schools to reopen Oct. 6

Pass Christian/2,000 Elementary level to reopen Oct. 6; middle and high school on Oct. 10 SOURCE: Education Week

A version of this article appeared in the October 05, 2005 edition of Education Week as Hurricane Update