Education Letter to the Editor

Time to Chat

September 29, 2006 1 min read

It’s really nice that the editors of Teacher Magazine are willing to talk to interested parties and subscribers [“The New Teacher Magazine” online chat, September 6]. Perhaps next time we could get a little more lead time? This opportunity came less than 12 hours after it was posted.

It did make me aware that the Texas State Teachers Association needs a subscription, though. I’m on it.

Paul T. Henley, PhD

Teaching and Learning Specialist

Texas State Teachers Association

Austin, Texas

Editor’s reply: Thank you for your interest in our online chats. We send out e-mail notifications for the chats at least one day in advance. In this case, we actually sent out two notifications, one on September 5 and another on September 6. It’s possible the first one sent to you made a detour somewhere out in cyberspace. Chats are also promoted on our Web site at least a few days prior to the scheduled start time. To receive the chat-alert e-mails, readers should sign up for the “Teacher Magazine Update” e-newsletter as part of our site registration: www.teachermagazine.org/go/email

Anthony Rebora

Asst. Managing Editor

A version of this article appeared in the October 01, 2006 edition of Teacher as Time to Chat