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EdWeek Now

EdWeek Now is a free service that gives readers real-time updates about breaking news, K-12 policy updates, and the stories that make essential reading for school professionals. Alerts will include Education Week articles, blog posts, special reports, and exclusive analysis and will be sent as news warrants, up to 10 times per week. Sign up here.
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EdWeek Update

Delivered Monday through Friday, EdWeek Update provides daily coverage of education news, commentary, special reports, blog posts, top jobs, and dates for upcoming events. Stay on top of the latest local, state, and federal news. Sign up here.
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Teacher Update

Get the latest news and resources on instruction, lesson ideas, and professional development. Delivered Thursdays, this update also includes commentary by teacher leaders, forum discussions, teacher blogs, job postings, and more. Teacher Update is a must for the informed teacher. Sign up here.
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EdWeek Market Brief

EdWeek Market Brief is an online service that provides companies doing business with pre-K-12 school systems — as well as district leaders, investors, and analysts — with in-depth information on the needs, priorities, and frustrations of school officials. It features original journalism, analysis, and exclusive data. Each week, we will provide updates that include new articles, some of which require a membership to view. Sign up here.
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EdWeek Tech Leader

Delivered every Friday morning, this newsletter provides the most current and useful news and information available to help district and school leaders make smart decisions about how technology should be used for teaching and learning and the management of schools. It features articles on best practices and shared challenges, news developments, and trends in educational technology; a special “Lessons Learned” section for ed-tech leaders; and opinion articles, webinars, and more. Sign up here.
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Curriculum Matters

Highlighting the most recent curriculum-related news from Education Week, this update includes the best articles, commentaries, and posts from our news blogs, including the Curriculum Matters blog. Monitor dates of upcoming live chats and Webinars and keep up with the latest discussions surrounding curriculum issues. Subscribers to the Curriculum Matters e-newsletter will receive it two Saturdays a month. Sign up here.
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Common-Core Update

Education Week now offers a new e-newsletter with news, opinion, and analysis on the Common Core State Standards. Nearly every state has signed on to use the standards as a framework for teaching English/language arts and mathematics. This newsletter covers the standards, their implementation, and the assessments aligned to them. Subscribers to the Common-Core Update e-newsletter will receive it on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Sign up here.
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Industry & Innovation

This newsletter tracks the K-12 marketplace and new approaches to schooling. It features K-12 business news, new ideas in the education field, posts from the Marketplace K-12 blog, a special data feature, notices about upcoming chats and webinars, job listings, and more. Subscribers to the Industry & Innovation e-newsletter will receive it on the second Wednesday of the month. Sign up here.
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Career Coach

This e-newsletter arrives monthly and provides readers with the latest news on career and professional development issues as well as advice and resources for educators from Top School Jobs.
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