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October 05, 2009 1 min read


We Love You, Please Leave

Here’s a twist to the ol’ love-hate relationship between superintendents and school boards: The Pittsburgh school board so badly wants to keep Superintendent Mark Roosevelt that they are asking him to resign.

Roosevelt’s contract runs through 2011. But under Pennsylvania law, contracts for Pittsburgh superintendents are limited to six years, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Roosevelt, who was hired in 2005, will hit that limit if he serves out the remainder of his contract. One way to get around losing him is for Roosevelt to resign, and be immediately rehired under a new contract. —Lesli Maxwell


In Global Ed., Shift Happens

If you’re one of the few who haven’t yet seen the video “Did You Know? Shift Happens” (20+ million downloads), it’s worth checking out. Though a few years old, it explores the effects of technology and globalization on education, and the “shifts” in the media and information landscapes.

An update to the original has just been released: “Did You Know? 4.0.” It’s not as education-related and more focused on the changing media landscape, but provides insights into the changing ways that people relate to each other, which has major implications for students and teachers. —Katie Ash


Portraying Autism

“I Am Autism,” a video filmed for an event designed to help raise money for autism research, services, and awareness, has sparked controversy over its portrayal of the disorder.

Ari Ne’eman, an adult on the autism spectrum and president of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, said in reference to the film that “this type of fear mongering hurts autistic people.” Marc Sirkin, chief community officer for Autism Speaks, said that the video was well received at the group’s event. It won’t be used as a PSA, in an ad campaign, or for fundraising, he added. —Lisa Fine

A version of this article appeared in the October 07, 2009 edition of Education Week as Best of the Blogs