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The World of Careers Is Changing. This Superintendent Aims to Get His Students ‘Future Ready’

By Jaclyn Borowski & Catherine Gewertz — February 25, 2020 3:56

Bryan Johnson, the superintendent in Hamilton County, Tenn., believes all students should be “future ready,” and he’s helped create new career institutes to meet that goal. Through a combination of career exploration, project-based learning, a focus on soft skills, and opportunities to meet with industry leaders, students get to exercise their creativity and innovation. Johnson has also changed how the system interacts with business partners. “Our conversation with business and industry looks like: What do you need, and how can we help you fill that void?” he says. Feb. 26, 2020

Jaclyn Borowski is the visuals editor for Education Week leading video and photo initiatives.
Catherine Gewertz is a writer for Education Week who covers national news and features.

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