Student Well-Being Video

Creating a Menu of Healthy School Meals, While Seeking Student Input

By Brooke Saias & Sarah D. Sparks — April 7, 2020 3:11

Joe Urban, the director of food and nutrition services in Greenville County Schools in South Carolina, is proving that school districts can offer students healthy meal options, while saving money. Since taking over the program, Urban has ensured that cafeteria workers can cook meals from scratch. Student input is solicited on new menu items. Soups and salad bars are available daily, and mouthwatering fare like barbecue ribs and fresh-caught salmon, and even sushi, make regular appearances on the menu. April 8, 2020

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Sarah D. Sparks covers education research, data, and the science of learning for Education Week.

Jaclyn Borowski , Visuals Editor contributed to this video.
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