January 16, 2008

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Vol. 27, Issue 19
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Behavior Interventionist
The case’s revival reopens talk of "unfunded" obligations in the federal law.
The reduction of more than 60 percent may affect reading coaches, professional-development programs, and instructional materials that are the cornerstones of the Reading First program.
Research from a recent wave of K-8 conversions suggests that determining what kind of grade configurations are best for students is still a complicated and unsettled matter.
Known as VAL-ED, the tool has been developed by a team of experts to measure leadership behaviors that research has found are associated with student achievement.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
College & Careers
A new study finds that support for teachers is key in reducing the number of expelled prekindergartners.
A Teach For America veteran is leading the effort to finance and establish a university that offers a free, four-year degree to students in exchange for five years of postgraduate work in the public sector.
Unless schools find better ways of evaluating the performance of teachers, the campaign to raise teacher quality is in danger of stalling, experts argue.
State of the States
State Journal
State of the States
With the state facing a $14 billion budget deficit in, Gov. Schwarzenegger introduced a new slogan, calling 2008 “not the year to talk about money.”
New Jersey lawmakers approved a new school funding formula Jan. 7 that would give more money to needy districts outside the state’s large cities.
Capitol Recap
Federal File
As the federal law turned 6 years old this month, a top Democrat signaled that he would seek far-reaching changes, while President Bush suggested he would favor less dramatic revisions.
The U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether certain disparities in a state’s public-employee retirement system violate the main federal law against age discrimination.
Settling back in to school has been a struggle for thousands of New Orleans students whose lives were disrupted by Katrina.
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Denis P. Doyle comments on the heavy hand of tradition and the lack of entrepreneurial vitality in the education realm.
Government has not served rural students well, especially where need is greatest, Rachel B. Tompkins contends.
Paul Barnwell offers plenty of reasons to resist the education "language rut."
No area is more in need of reconceptualization than education, James P. Comer writes.

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