Research and Resources

January 15, 2003 1 min read
  • “Bullying and Being Bullied: To What Extent Are Bullies Also Victims?,” a study by Canadian researcher Xin Ma, was published last summer in the American Educational Research Journal.
  • “Bullying Behaviors Among U.S. Youth,” by Tonja R. Nansel of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, a branch of the National Institutes of Health, and others, was published in the April 25, 2001, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  • “Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Bullying in Middle School Youth: A Developmental Examination Across the Bully/Victim Continuum,” an article by Susan M. Swearer and Paulette M. Cary, is scheduled to appear later this year in the Journal of Applied School Psychology.
  • An executive summary of “Pathways to Aggression Through Inhibited Temperament and Parental Violence,” the ongoing Springfield, Mass., study by researchers Malcolm Watson and Kurt Fischer, can be viewed on the Web site of Harvard University’s graduate school of education at http://www.
  • “Examination of Peer Group Contextual Effects on Aggression During Early Adolescence,” an article by Dorothy L. Espelage, Kris Bosworth, and Thomas R. Simon, is scheduled to appear next month in the journal Child Development.
  • Another of Espelage’s articles, “Conversations With Middle School Students About Bullying and Victimization: Should We Be Concerned?,” was published in February 2002 in the Journal of Emotional Abuse. The co-author is Christine S. Asidao.