History Matters

September 04, 2009 1 min read

History Matters

A database of coursework, guides, and primary-source documents on topics in American history, History Matters was produced by two academic programs at the City University of New York and George Mason University. The site is most useful for high school history teachers and students, and educators can use it as a professional-development resource. The “Digital Blackboard” page offers curriculum guides with links to third-party reference sites. Another page hosts a series of Q&A interviews with history teachers, who reveal the “secrets” behind teaching a successful history course. The “Students as Historians” page links to Web-based projects created by high school and college students. And don’t forget to check out the primary-source search engine, located on the “Many Pasts” page. The search engine links to more than a thousand images, audio, and text-based documents from American history sites across the Internet.

—Tim Ebner

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