Gates Foundation Investment in Small Schools

March 13, 2002 1 min read

The Seattle-based Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has already made grants to the following entities for small-schools projects:

Washington state

Grant Amount

School districts
(10 districts and 1 Catholic diocese)
Individual schools 7,000,000
Achievers Program
(high school redesign)

School districts

Alaska (6 districts) $4,900,000
Baltimore 12,000,000
Chicago 12,000,000
Coventry, R.I. 2,970,000
Providence, R.I. 13,500,000
San Diego, Calif. 15,000,000

Other Organizations

Aspire Public Schools (San Carlos, Calif.) $3,100,000
Bay Area Coalition of Essential Schools
(Oakland, Calif.)
Big Picture Co. (Providence R.I.) 3,450,000
Center for Collaborative Education (Boston) 4,900,000
Christian Schools International
(Grand Rapids, Mich.)
Colorado Children’s Campaign (Denver) 8,000,000
EdVisions (Henderson, Minn.) 4,500,000
High Tech High (San Diego) 6,400,000
Model Secondary Schools Project (Seattle) 5,760,000
National Council of La Raza (Washington) 6,700,000
New Tech High (Napa, Calif.) 4,900,000
New Visions (New York City) 10,000,000
Schools for a New Society Initiative
Carnegie Corporation of New York
(New York City)
University of Minnesota Foundation (Minneapolis) 8,000,000
University of Minnesota,
Center for School Change,
Humphrey Institute (Minneapolis)

Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation