Small Schools

School & District Management Opinion 4 Lessons Small School Communities Can Teach Us
School communities need a balance of "formal" democracy and civic agency.
Deborah Meier, April 28, 2016
3 min read
School & District Management Opinion The Roles of Direct Versus Indirect Power in School Communities
Who has the right to change the rules of the game to initiate public work? Who chooses its so-called leaders who speak for the whole?
Deborah Meier, April 21, 2016
2 min read
School Choice & Charters Opinion Priorities for a Progressive Education Agenda
Today Deborah Meier and Joe Nathan describe what their priorities for a progressive education agenda.
Joe Nathan, May 21, 2015
7 min read
Teaching Opinion Why Public School Choice Should Be Part of School Improvement Efforts
isn't one of the central principles in a democracy, the power of citizens to make choices and decisions, within some limits? Also, don't we know that there's no single design/curriculum/organization for a school in which all students succeed? I think the answer is "yes." So public school choice, including chartering, with schools open to all - no admissions tests - should be part of what we work for.
Joe Nathan, May 14, 2015
6 min read
School Choice & Charters Opinion Wise Bill Gives District Teachers Money to Help Start New Schools
Jim Bartholomew and Louise Sundin often do not agree on education issues. Bartholomew lobbies for the Minnesota Business Partnership, the state's largest corporations. Sundin is former president of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, and former American Federation of Teachers vice-president. Last week they agreed. They both supported a bill with bi-partisan support that Minnesota legislators are considering. The bill would provide startup funds, helping district public school teachers create "teacher led schools."
Joe Nathan, April 14, 2015
7 min read
School & District Management Opinion What Are School Leaders' Most Important Qualities?
We agree that if you want a distinctive school to last, you need to develop other professional staff who can lead.
Joe Nathan, March 8, 2015
6 min read
School Choice & Charters Opinion Sharing Facilities Can Help Students and Schools
Two or more schools can share space in a building, or share space with other organizations. Or they can do both. Sharing space can be done badly. But skillful sharing has many benefits for students, families and educators.
Joe Nathan, February 24, 2015
7 min read
School Choice & Charters Opinion What Assessment System Would Serve Students & Society?
"From my perspective, using a variety of measures, including some selected at the local school level by educators, families and students,is the best way to capture the broad array of things each school is trying to do."
Joe Nathan, February 17, 2015
12 min read
Accountability Opinion Can We Bring the Charter School Movement Under One Umbrella?
I'd love to figure out a way we could join together to create a charter movement that brings us together under one umbrella to fight for better charter or pilot legislation that will preserve the best of 'public-ness' and the best of 'private-ness.'
Joe Nathan, February 10, 2015
7 min read
Teaching Opinion A New, Better Deal for Teachers and Families
Many public school educators are frustrated. Fortunately, there's a growing movement to give teachers, along with families, a new, better deal. This empowers teachers to create, as options, new schools that reflect their views about how schools should be organized.
Joe Nathan, February 5, 2015
9 min read
School Choice & Charters Opinion Moving Ahead on 3 Dreams
Nathan: Let's begin with Antonia, Jennifer, Khalique and your encouragement to dream.
Joe Nathan, January 29, 2015
9 min read
School Choice & Charters Opinion Wise & Woeful School Choice Plans
Nathan: School choice is a powerful tool that needs to be used carefully. I think you and I agree on this.
Joe Nathan, January 15, 2015
7 min read
School Choice & Charters Opinion My Love-Hate Relationship With Choice
Meier: Maybe if teachers had time to know each other, their students, and families personally, they'd grow to trust each other as partners.
Deborah Meier, January 13, 2015
6 min read
Teaching Opinion Can Schools Act as a Force Against Racism?
Meier: What are the lessons in equality that young people absorb through the structuring of schools, and how do they match the "civics" lessons they may be receiving formally?
Deborah Meier, December 9, 2014
4 min read