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Federal New Biden Education Staffers Arrive Via Gates Foundation, K-12 Reform Group, Sen. Sanders
The latest round of appointees to the Education Department includes some policy insiders, but there's no single trend or direction so far.
Andrew Ujifusa, February 5, 2021
5 min read
School Choice & Charters Opinion Washington: A Love Story
We've got information and images a-plenty, if we want to look at states which might have some educational moxie. Teachers are now talking to each other across district and state boundaries, sharing information about how education policy is impacting their daily practice, where market-based reforms have the deepest roots and where teachers' judgment and experience is most devalued. Where would YOU go, if you could go anywhere, as an educator?
Nancy Flanagan, September 14, 2016
4 min read
College & Workforce Readiness Opinion Trouble in Common Core City: Too Many Music Men, Not Enough Librarians
Therefore, the Common Core project itself is also an exercise in fear-mongering about the future of our children, and has its own version of Professor Hill in its chief promoter, Bill Gates.
Anthony Cody, July 29, 2014
3 min read
Ed-Tech Policy Opinion Paul Horton: Will the Market Destroy Public Education?
Public schools and public teachers have been subjected to a relentless barrage of negative propaganda for almost thirty years. Many corporations want to force open education markets, Microsoft and Pearson Education to name two of the largest, demand "free markets," "choice," and "free enterprise."
Anthony Cody, July 18, 2014
15 min read
Equity & Diversity Opinion Questioning Education Reformers' Motives: The Big Taboo
When Lyndsey Layton interviewed Bill Gates a few months ago, she violated one of the major taboos of the education reform discourse.
Anthony Cody, July 13, 2014
6 min read
Standards Opinion A Question for Bill Gates: How Can We Motivate Students When Their Futures Are Bleak?
I am trying to make sense of the education reform project, which seems a mass of contradictions. On the one hand, we have a seemingly utopian project with bold pronouncements about the boundless capacity of all students
Anthony Cody, July 3, 2014
7 min read
Standards Opinion Gates' Excuse for Poor Results of Educational Technology: "Unmotivated Students"
If there is one thing Bill Gates has been a fan of, it is the role of technology in improving education. But recent comments show he may be starting to see that even technology may not be all powerful. And this leads to some deeper questions about the viability of the entire education reform project.
Anthony Cody, July 2, 2014
3 min read
College & Workforce Readiness Opinion Common Core-Aligned Tests and the New Pearson GED: Failure By Design?
If the pass rates on Common Core tests and the new Common Core-aligned GED plummet, it is because they were designed to do so. If there is an outcome that has been engineered, there must be a reason that outcome is desirable.
Anthony Cody, June 30, 2014
6 min read
Families & the Community Opinion Protesters to Gates Foundation: "Divest from Corporate Education Reform"
Bill Gates has it exactly upside down. The innovators are the classroom teachers. The innovators are the students. The innovators are the people working in the schools creating new things every day.
Anthony Cody, June 29, 2014
6 min read
Federal Opinion Is a High Stakes Moratorium Worth Embracing?
As a thought experiment, what would it look like if the Gates Foundation truly was attending to the research and evidence that is showing how damaging the new Common Core tests and high stakes accountability systems are?
Anthony Cody, June 21, 2014
6 min read
Standards Opinion John Thompson: Time for a Truce in the Battle Over Education?
I believe we must fight competition-driven, test-driven reform with all our power, but we must also be willing to offer and/or accept an olive branch.
Anthony Cody, June 20, 2014
7 min read
Ed-Tech Policy Opinion From Common Core, to Vergara, to VAM, Gates Foundation Fingerprints Everywhere
Someone in the mainstream media finally asked Bill Gates straight out what his role was regarding Common Core. What a concept!
Anthony Cody, June 11, 2014
6 min read
Ed-Tech Policy Opinion John Thompson: Corporate Reformers' "Race to the Moon" Low on Fuel
It is up to the Gates Foundation to decide whether it defends its quest for a better bottle rocket to drive school reform, or to heed the research of independent scholars.
Anthony Cody, June 5, 2014
6 min read
Budget & Finance Opinion Book Review: Mercedes Schneider's "A Chronicle of Echoes" Offers Tools for Defense Against Corporate Reform
Fans of Harry Potter will recall the most valuable class at Hogwarts: "Defense Against the Dark Arts." With her new book, "A Chronicle of Echoes," Mercedes Schneider has provided those of us working to defend public education with a work that could be called "Defense Against Corporate Reform."
Anthony Cody, June 2, 2014
3 min read