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February 01, 1999 1 min read

This month’s cover of Teacher Magazine profiles 13 female teachers who have been found guilty of sexual contact/and or harassment of minors.

Eva Summerlin. Lake Wales, Florida. Sex with a 16-year-old male special-needs student; five years’ probation.

Deborah Ann Christopher. Phoenix. Sexual conduct with a 15-year-old high school boy; one year in jail, lifetime probation.

Donna Woodard. Raymond, New Hampshire. Sexual assault of a female student in the 1980s; 20 to 40 years in jail.

Michelle Wioskowski. Manchester, Missouri.Statutory rape and statutory sodomy; 11 months in jail.

Lisa Ann Chouen. Henrico County, Virginia. Taking indecent liberties with a handicapped boy; one year in jail.

Pamela Ann Hudgens. Booneville, Arkansas. Sex with an underage student; four years’ probation.

Mary Kay Letourneau. Seattle. Rape of a 13-year-old former student; seven years in jail.

Mary Beth Luckenbaugh. Glendale, Arizona. Attempted child molestation; one year in jail, lifetime probation.

Catherine Moutos-Maass. Glendale, Arizona. Sexual conduct with a minor; six months in jail, lifetime probation.

Ava Owens. Denver. Sexual assault of a minor; 10 years in jail.

Carol Sue Rigsbee. Marion, Indiana. Sexual misconduct with a minor; six years in jail.

Robin Sharp. Garden City, Kansas. Indecent liberties with a 14-year-old hearing-impaired boy; three years’ probation.

Julie Anne Feil. Hastings, Minnesota. Sexual contact with a 10th grade boy; seven years in jail.