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Charts: The New Frontier

May 03, 2005 1 min read

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Tracking U.S. Trends

Innovative uses of technology continue to grow. During the 2004-05 school year, 16 states are offering computer-based assessment, compared with 13 last year. Wireless technology and laptop computers are also on the rise.

Computer-Based Testing

SOURCE: Education Week Research Center, 2005


Wireless Technology

Schools are more likely to have wireless networks if they also have laptops. Seventy-three percent of public schools with laptops also have access to wireless networks, compared with 42 percent of the schools without laptops.

SOURCE: Market Data Retrieval, “Technology in Education 2004”


Providing Laptops

Although few states have specific programs to place laptops or hand-held technologies within schools, the percent of students with access to such technologies is inching up. According to Market Data Retrieval, in 2003, 12.4 percent of all instructional computers were laptops. By 2004, the percentage had increased to 13.3 percent.

SOURCE: Education Week Research Center, 2005