Black History Month: Innovation and Creation

By Danielle Woods — January 30, 2008 1 min read

Imagine a fact-starved biology lesson, students whittling dull pencils, or a classroom with dimming lights. Might sound familiar to some teachers, but were you an educator one hundred years ago, you would have faced these headaches regularly. Thanks to the work of three black innovators, Ernest Just, J.L. Love, and Lewis Latimer, today we are more knowledgeable about cells, have the manual sharpener at our disposal, and the carbon filament bulb to light classrooms.

In honor of Black History Month, Adscape International has expanded its Black Inventor Online Museum, which profiles the lives and achievements of more than 60 obscure inventors of the past 300 years. With detailed biographies, pictures of inventions, and a timeline, educators can use this site to teach the social and historical significance, and far-reaching effects of black achievement that often go unmentioned in history books.

This simple and easy-to-search site organizes inventors by industry and type of invention. Geared towards K-12 students, this resource provides more than a Black History Month lesson. Teachers can use the tool for any math, science, civics, or history lesson.