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Even the best intentioned educators often harbor blind spots, write Re-Imagining Migration's Adam Strom and Veronica Boix Mansilla.
March 6, 2019 – Education Week
Thousands of students were uprooted from schools over the last decade in communities where local police partnered with ICE on immigration enforcement, a Stanford study found.
October 31, 2018 – Education Week
A new regulation change will affect millions of immigrant families, including U.S.-born children, write Ajay Chaudry and Hirokazu Yoshikawa.
October 24, 2018 – Education Week
The Trump administration wants to make it harder for legal immigrants to get green cards if they use public benefits, but some warn children in those families could suffer.
October 3, 2018 – Education Week
Educators have a legal and ethical responsibility to all students, including undocumented and refugee children, write Emily R. Crawford and Lisa M. Dorner.
September 26, 2018 – Education Week
The same narrative that gave rise to child-separation policies has broader implications in education, write two University of Washington professors.
June 29, 2018 – Education Week
In the face of harmful immigration policies, district leaders must use their platforms to put children first, writes David E. DeMatthews.
June 22, 2018 – Education Week
Here's a look at the official education requirements for children being detained, the qualifications for those being hired to provide these children with classroom instruction, and more.
July 18, 2018 – Education Week
Giving blanket amnesty to young undocumented immigrants would undercut the rule of law, warns conservative commentator Lance Izumi.
April 4, 2018 – Education Week
The future of DACA remains uncertain, but students are stepping up to defend their classmates, writes sociologist Bruce Fuller.
April 2, 2018 – Education Week

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