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Social Studies Critical Race Theory and the Fight Over History Standards: 6 Things to Know
EdWeek examined how the backlash to classroom discussions on race has set back efforts to expand what students learn about American history.
Stephen Sawchuk, January 19, 2022
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Social Studies Revising America's Racist Past
How the 'critical race theory' debate is crashing headlong into efforts to update social studies standards.
Stephen Sawchuk, January 18, 2022
27 min read
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Social Studies What's the History of Reconstruction? In Many States, Students Don't Get the Whole Picture
A new report finds that state standards muddy the significance of the era, omit key understandings, or promote false narratives.
Sarah Schwartz, January 12, 2022
8 min read
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Curriculum Teachers' Use of Standards-Aligned Curricula Slowed During the Pandemic
More math teachers are using standards-aligned materials than English/language arts teachers, according to RAND survey results.
Sarah Schwartz, October 26, 2021
4 min read
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Social Studies Explainer Who Decides What History We Teach? An Explainer
Education Week breaks down how politics has long been embedded in this decision, and how new laws may affect the process.
Sarah Schwartz, August 11, 2021
15 min read
Standards Social Studies Standards Spark Fierce Debate in N.C.
Advocates say the new standards are more inclusive because they give more attention to the perspectives of historically marginalized groups.
T. Keung Hui, The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.), July 8, 2021
6 min read
Anna Heyer, District Science Specialist for the Flowing Wells Unified School District in Tucson, Ariz.
Anna Heyer, science specialist for the Flowing Wells Unified School District in Tucson, Ariz.
Caitlin O'Hara for Education Week
Science Leader To Learn From A Place Where Teachers Take the Lead on Science Curriculum
Anna Heyer has empowered teachers to shape the science curriculum in an Arizona district, and has expanded time spent on science.
Catherine Gewertz, February 16, 2021
7 min read
Teran Tease, 5, watches at Oaklawn Cemetery during a test excavation in the search for possible mass graves from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre on July 21, 2020.
Teran Tease, 5, watches at Oaklawn Cemetery during a test excavation in the search for possible mass graves from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre on July 21, 2020.
Mike Simons/Tulsa World via AP
Social Studies The Violent History of White Supremacy Is Rarely Taught in Schools. It Should Be
As Trump promotes 1776 project, educators say a more complete history of white vigilante justice taught in the classroom could prevent another Capitol insurgency.
Corey Mitchell, January 20, 2021
7 min read
Education Opinion States Are Stepping Up to Support Social and Emotional Learning
In 2011, just one state had adopted K-12 standards for social and emotional learning. Now more than a dozen states are on board, and their numbers are growing.
Learning Is Social & Emotional Contributor, August 3, 2018
4 min read
Teaching State Testing Standards: How States Stack Up (Video)
A new report compared the benchmarks and cut scores for each state test against a national assessment. Watch the video for some of the findings.
Mike Bock, June 14, 2018
1 min read
Science Video Global Warming Debate Heats Up in Science Classrooms, State Legislatures
It’s been a three-year battle in Idaho over whether to approve new science education standards, largely because of disagreements over how to teach the subject of global warming. Some lawmakers argued the proposed science lessons would “spoon feed” students the conclusion that human activity is largely responsible for the increase in Earth’s temperature. They said students should be encouraged to look at the data and come to their own conclusions. But 8th grade science teacher Nathan Dean told Education Week it would be “educational malpractice” to teach global warming without emphasizing the major role humans play. This story aired just days before the Idaho Senate Education Committee voted to approve the new standards, with climate change sections intact. Scott Cook, the director of Academics at the Idaho Department of Education called the vote a "big win for Idaho students, science education and the democratic process." The Senate action takes precedence over the action in the House Education Committee, which voted earlier to delete some of the sections on global warming. At least nine other states have tried to repeal, block or modify state science standards, partly because of the treatment of climate change, according to the National Center for Science Education. Those efforts have largely failed.
March 7, 2018
Special Report Navigating New Curriculum Choices
From open educational resources to common-core standards, this special report guides educators through the bewildering array of K-12 curricular options available to classrooms today.
March 29, 2017
Curriculum Arts Standards Quietly Take Hold in 14 States
The standards, developed by 50 arts and education groups, stress teaching broad concepts and include media arts.
Jaclyn Zubrzycki, March 21, 2017
7 min read
Curriculum 14 States Have New(ish) Arts Standards
The National Core Arts Standards were released in 2014.
Jaclyn Zubrzycki, February 21, 2017
2 min read