Today’s Solution: Schools Are the Answer

June 11, 2008 1 min read

Another day, another big statement from education leaders.

Today’s comes from a coalition called the Education Equality Project, which has been formed by New York City Chancellor Joel I. Klein and citizen activist Al Sharpton. Unlike “Broader, Bolder” approach released yesterday, the coalition’s statement focuses exclusively on the education policies needed to improve educational achievement. It doesn’t mention that social programs should assist schools, as the “Broader, Bolder” statement did.

“We don’t know yet what schools can achieve,” Klein said at a news conference announcing the coalition’s formation. “Some schools today are getting entirely different outcomes with the very same kids people tell me you can’t educate to high levels of achievement. If that can happen for some, why can’t it happen for all?”

Although the back-to-back release of these statements is coincidental, the fact that they’re coming out now isn’t. Both groups are gearing up to influence the presidential campaign and to put education on the candidates’ radar—now and in 2009.

For reactions to the “Broader, Bolder” statement, see Andy Rotherham, Kevin Carey, Sara Mead, eduwonkette, Dana Goldstein, Mike Petrilli, Liam Julian, Charlie Barone, Jim Horn, and a teacher named Doug Noon.

We’re waiting on you, Sherman.

UPDATE: Sherman Dorn has updated his blog with comments saying he agrees with Steve Diamond that “Broader, Bolder” statement is an attempt to woo Sen. Barack Obama. Sherman says ditto for the Klein/Sharpton statement and promises to elaborate on both statements later.

A version of this news article first appeared in the NCLB: Act II blog.