Education Report Roundup

Texas Charter Students Show Greater Improvement Than Peers

By Jessica L. Tonn — October 14, 2005 1 min read

Elementary and middle school students in Texas charter schools show greater improvement on standardized tests over time than students in regular public schools, a report says.

“Texas Charter Schools: An Assessment In 2005” is posted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Though students of all ages in charter schools tend to have lower test scores on average than students in regular public schools, charter students in grades 5-8 had higher growth in both the mathematics and reading sections of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills than non-charter students, based on scores from the 2003 and 2004 assessments.

In that same time period, high school students in charter schools made greater gains in their TAKS reading scores than non-charter students, but non-charter students had more improvement in math scores.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation, a nonpartisan research organization based in Austin, published the report.