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Tennessee Governor Targets ‘Meth’ Use

By Joetta L. Sack — April 05, 2005 1 min read

Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee announced plans last week for a statewide campaign to curb methamphetamine use by teenagers and adults.

Tennessee is one of the top producers of the highly addictive stimulant, which is made using a combination of chemicals and over-the-counter cold medicine. Curbing the production and use of methamphetamine is a top priority for the Democrat, who appointed a panel last year to study the problem.

The campaign will use ads and outreach efforts to target parents and teenagers, and rely on medical experts to explain the drug’s dire effects—including toxic psychosis and violent behavior.

Gov. Bredesen signed laws last week that require retailers to move cold and sinus medicines behind pharmacy counters and health-care professionals to report injuries related to methamphetamine production. Another new law strengthens penalties for methamphetamine producers.

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