Some Survey Findings

January 22, 1997 1 min read

Among the results from the survey of 1,247 school board members are the following:

  • About 54 percent consider themselves religious conservatives; 36.1 percent describe themselves as religious liberals.
  • About 65.4 percent say they are political conservatives; 28.5 percent see themselves as political liberals.
  • Two-thirds agree that school choice plans would widen economic and racial gaps between schools, though 59.5 percent of that segment add that the plans would force schools to be more responsive to their communities.
  • When asked whether Christian or non-Christian prayer should be allowed at school functions, just under half said Christian prayer was a good idea, and 45.8 percent said that non-Christian prayer is appropriate.
  • About 60 percent say they support beginning comprehensive sex education in the elementary grades. Of that segment, 51.1 percent describe themselves as religious liberals, and the remainder identify themselves as religious conservatives. Of those opposed to early comprehensive sex education, 77.9 percent say they are religious conservatives.