Research and Resources

April 30, 2003 1 min read

Here is some additional research information on some of the programs and studies mentioned in this article:

  • A summary of two decades of research on the Child Development Project is available on the organization’s Web site at
  • The American Journal of Health Behavior in January published a study looking at the long-term effects of the Positive Action Program. A study on the program was also featured in Prevention Science in 2001, Volume 2, Number 2.
  • “Preventing Violence and Teaching Peace: A Review of Promising and Effective Antiviolence, Conflict-Resolution, and Peace Programs for Elementary School Children” was published in the journal Applied and Preventive Psychology in 2001.
  • The Second Step program was the focus of a randomized, controlled experiment described in a 1997 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. A summary of that study can be found at