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Teachers Share Their #RecertifiedMess, #RecertifiedSuccess Stories

December 05, 2017 1 min read

For teachers, renewing a teaching certification can be a chore or a valuable opportunity for professional growth. It’s expensive and time-consuming, but it’s still a way to keep learning and advancing as an educator. Education Week Teacher asked educators to share on Twitter both the best parts of the recertification process and the horror stories. Here’s a sample of their responses. Feel free to add your own perspective of the good, the bad, and the ugly of renewing your teaching license in the online comments section below.



For me it’s a tie between having to pay $25 to submit and any PD after I’ve earned my 180 points feeling meaningless. #recertifiedmess

Why over 100 PD hrs when state only cares about recert dollars? I put “watching the time go by” as an objective once - state never cared.

Do you know how many “Williams’” there are? My paperwork is ALWAYS confused with someone else.

Having to pay 50$ for fingerprinting & 75$ to renew. I’ve been a teacher for 38 years & now you want my fingerprints

I didn’t have a problem with recert, but changing states. Even with 6-10 years experience they want my SATs and first born child.

Balancing family & classroom duties while completing continuing education classes (plus the cost of college classes on a teacher salary)



Continued validity of the profession and years of hard work. Interaction with other professionals who are also struggling but persisting.

For me the best part is just continuing to keep current in my craft.

I have realized I am a better learner with on-site classes rather than online classes! Love the real life conversations & interactions!

Completing the mentorship/supervision category helped reaffirm my goal of someday working in a teacher training program #RecertifiedSuccess

Learning is an ongoing process in life. To cultivate that culture of learning we teachers must be learners n constantly progressing