Education Letter to the Editor

Reform Needs to Come From Students’ Homes, Too

April 01, 2008 1 min read

To the Editor:

In his Commentary “Beyond System Reform” (March 12, 2008), Ted Kolderie makes excellent points about the need for greater innovation in schooling. Yet, no matter how many changes are made in school, even more significant support and change need to come from the homes from which students come to school.

Motivation for learning starts at home and gets carried into the school. Certainly, there is a synergy between strong homes and strong schools. That’s what brings about real and sustained educational reform. Mr. Kolderie is right: “Kids don’t learn from structures. They learn from what they read, see, hear, and do.” And if we count the hours of the day, most of what they read, see, hear, and do happens outside of school.

That’s why I have dedicated my work for over 50 years to enabling all families, rich and poor, to be able to empower their children with what it takes to succeed in school and out—and along the way, to bring about true and lasting school reform.

Dorothy Rich


Home and School Institute

Washington, D.C.