Education Letter to the Editor

Critic of Channel One Defends His Motives

August 30, 2005 1 min read

To the Editor:

The article “Channel One Struggling in Shifting Market,” (July 27) raises a couple of points that need to be addressed. First, it seems to convey that the only concern about Channel One News is the presence of commercials in the program. While the advertising on Channel One is still a key issue in the discussion about the program, talk has shifted to include the quality, or lack of it, in news content.

Channel One fails to cover major news stories in a timely manner, and its anchors occasionally become part of the stories they are supposed to be covering. Channel One’s news programming has more fluff than a pillow, and is just as soft when it comes to news reporting.

Judy L. Harris’ suggestion in your article that groups opposing Channel One are motivated by money is ludicrous. I am in this fight because I care about schools and the children who attend them. I have actually lost money fighting the program, but the struggle is worth every penny. Fighting this program has not netted me or my Web site a single dime.

Channel One occasionally resorts to name-calling and accusations to try to draw attention away from the real issue: its program. Perhaps the people at Channel One should instead stick to what they know and defend the show with whatever merit they believe it has.

Ken M. McNatt

Seneca, Pa.

The writer is the webmaster for the National Campaign Against Channel One Web site, at www.ncaco.org.