Education Letter to the Editor

A ‘Striking Absence’ On Teacher Panel

January 03, 2006 1 min read

To the Editor:

I read with initial amusement, which grew into anger, your article regarding the federal panel that has been assembled to study the ways teachers are prepared in this country (“Panel Examines Teacher Training,” Dec. 14, 2005).

In reviewing the committee roster, I was amazed by the striking absence of teachers, school administrators, and university educational placement officials. I can only imagine the learned discussions these education “experts” will have without a single in-the-trenches educator to enlighten them.

Frederick M. Hess notes, as reported in the article, “My fundamental bias is I’m not yet convinced we have any idea how to construct a science of pedagogy.” Well, I wonder why …

Victoria Helander-Heiser

Director of Human Resources

Northfield Township High School

District No. 225

Glenview, Ill.