On the Farm

By Chris Chester — March 25, 2008 1 min read

For most students, there is a fundamental disconnect with the complex system that goes into producing the food that appears on their plates at dinner. The Nutrients for Life Foundation, sponsored by many of the world’s largest fertilizer companies, seeks to reconnect students with our country’s agricultural roots. In addition to hosting online games that test students’ acuity with soil science and problems of starvation in the world, they have middle and high school lesson plans. Available for free on the Web site in both digital and hard-copy form, the lesson plans explain fundamental biological concepts and link them to food production and global hunger issues. The Foundation even offers $50 grants to cover the necessary lab materials, if you’re working with a tight budget.

The Nutrients for Life Foundation is also hosting a Student Podcast Contest for grades 5-12 asking students to use their web and computer savvy to create audio or video podcasts to share what they’ve learned about agriculture and the science behind it. The Foundation will select the top five choices and put them up for vote on their Web site. The winner will receive a video iPod. The deadline for submissions is May 2.

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