Never Miss a Beat

By Brian Freedman — September 17, 2007 1 min read

Kids not paying attention in class? The Percussion Marketing Council thinks drums are your answer. With its interdisciplinary music program, “Roots of Rhythm,” the PMC uses drums from across the world to engage kids in global culture and other subjects.

PMC offers teachers 15 free, prescribed lesson plans that aim to engage kids in learning world history and culture by injecting drums and music into the curriculum. For example, it uses the adufe, a traditional Portuguese instrument, to teach students about Portugal’s history, climate, and geography.

In addition, the Web site offers “Classroom Connections,” a series of suggestions on how to incorporate music and drums into other subjects like language arts and math. For example, students can sketch the instruments and isolate the geometric shapes.

Also, under “Recommended Reading” on the Web site, teachers can find a list of books to accompany the lesson plans.

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