Location, Location, Location

December 06, 2000 1 min read

Measuring Up 2000 grades each state in five categories relating to higher education. The grades for preparation are based in part on data on high school completion, course-taking, and student achievement, as measured by 8th grade scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, along with sat and Advanced Placement scores. Grades for participation are determined in part by the percentage of young adults and working-age adults enrolled in some type of postsecondary education. Affordability measures how well students and families can afford college given the state’s financial-aid offerings, among other data. Completion grades are based in part on the percentage of students earning a bachelor’s degree within five years. Grades for benefits are based in part on the percentage of residents who have a bachelor’s degree or higher and how that percentage translates into personal income.

Preparation Participation Affordability Completion Benefits
Alabama F C+ D B- C
Alaska A- D+ C F B
Arizona D+ C C- C- B-
Arkansas D D- C+ D+ D-
California C- B+ A C B+
Colorado B B- B- C A
Connecticut A B+ C B+ A
Delaware C+ A C- B A
Florida C D+ D B+ C-
Georgia D+ F D+ B- C
Hawaii C B- C- C C+
Idaho D+ D B- C C
Illinois A A A C+ B-
Indiana C- C- C+ B- C
Iowa B B B A- C+
Kansas B A B B B
Kentucky C D B C- D
Louisiana F F C- C D+
Maine B+ C+ F B+ C
Maryland B+ A D B- A
Massachusetts A A- D A- A-
Michigan B B+ C C+ B
Minnesota C+ B- A B+ A
Mississippi D D- C+ C+ C
Missouri C+ C- D+ B- C
Montana B D+ D- C B
Nebraska A- A C+ C B-
Nevada D+ D+ B F C-
New Hampshire B C+ F A B-
New Jersey A B+ B B- A
New Mexico D- B- B D- C
New York B B- D- A- B
North Carolina B D A B+ D+
North Dakota B B C B C+
Ohio C+ C- D- B C
Oklahoma D+ C B- C- C-
Oregon C- D D- C C+
Pennsylvania C+ C C A B-
Rhode Island C A F A A
South Carolina C- D- C B B-
South Dakota C C D+ B- C-
Tennessee C- D- C C D+
Texas C D C D+ C
Utah A C A D+ B-
Vermont B- C- D- A B-
Virginia B B- C B B+
Washington C+ C- B- B- B+
West Virginia D+ D+ D C F
Wisconsin A- B B+ B B-
Wyoming C- B- C+ B C

SOURCE: National Center for Public Policy and HIgher Education.

A version of this article appeared in the December 06, 2000 edition of Education Week as Location, Location, Location