Inside Bush’s Education Budget

April 18, 2001 1 min read

The president’s proposed fiscal 2002 budget for the Department of Education would substantially increase spending for some programs, while freezing, cutting, or eliminating others. Below are highlights from the discretionary- spending totals Mr. Bush is requesting, compared with the current program levels.*





Reading $286 million $900 million +214.7
Special education state grants $6.3 billion $7.3 billion +15.8
Title 1 grants to districts $8.6 billion $9.1 billion +5.3
1Teacher-quality grants to states $2.2 billion $2.6 billion +16.8
Pell Grants $8.8 billion $9.8 billion +11.4
21st Century learning centers $846 million $846 million 0
Safe and drug-free schools $644 million $644 million 0
Bilingual and immigrant ed $460 million $460million 0
School renovation $1.2 billion $0 -100
2Choice and innovative grants $934 million $472 million -49.5
3 Education technology $872 million $817 million -6.3
International education exchange $10 million $0 -100
Vocational education $1.24 billion $1.22 billion -1.6

NOTES: *Percentages calculated using specific budget figures, not rounded numbers shown here.

1 Would merge class-size-reduction, Eisenhower professional development, and parental assistance programs into a flexible fund to improve teacher quality and shrink class sizes.

2 Would merge 10 programs into a new block grant to states. Allowable activities would include school choice and those authorized under the consolidated programs.

3 Would merge nine technology programs into new technology block grant. The 2001 total includes $55 million in one-time earmarks for special projects.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education.

A version of this article appeared in the April 18, 2001 edition of Education Week as Inside Bush’s Education Budget