Go Figure

August 12, 2006 1 min read

$90,000: Potential end-of-career annual salary for a Denver public school teacher with 30 years’ experience, a master’s degree, and consistent high achievement. The city’s new performance-based pay system, approved by voters last year, kicks into gear this fall.

“The amounts are staggering, and they’re increasing.” —Adrienne Watts Dayton, spokeswoman for the National School Supply and Equipment Association, on the average out-of-pocket sum teachers spend on supplies for their classrooms and students. The amount in 2005-06, according to a new NSSEA survey, was $552.

0: Number of states that met the No Child Left Behind Act’s requirement to have a highly qualified teacher in every core academic classroom by summer 2006.

$260,000: The Price of Not Graduating: Estimated difference in lifetime income between a high school dropout and a graduate.

SOURCE: The nonprofit Alliance for Excellent Education, using a report by Princeton University researcher Cecilia Rouse