August 18, 2005 1 min read

Back-to-school nights are always a good way to gauge what a class will be like for the upcoming year. This 4th grade teacher may be in for an interesting time:

Me: Are you ready to come back to school yet? Rocky: No, but my mama tole me not to get in any fights this year. Me: Well, I think that's a great idea! How about we try to make this year a good one! Mom: When I was young, my mama always tole me to let the other person throw the first punch. Rocky: She tole me to do the same thing. (stare) Me: Well, I bet we won't need to worry about that here, will we? (smile) Mom: 'Cept my mama tole me that after they threw that first punch that I should beat the shit out of 'em. I tole Rocky not to do that. Rocky: I'm not spost to get suspended this year. Mom: If you get suspended, it better be for a real good reason 'sall I got to say. Me: Heh, heh....

(via A Series of Inconsqeuntial Events.)

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