September 05, 2006 1 min read

Despite her enthusiasm for her new school, Sam of Clean Up On Aisle Life says that, a couple of days ago, she had what we imagine is a fairly typical teacher-anxiety dream for this time of year:

[I] woke up from a nightmare about the first day of school in which I got into a huge argument with another teacher in front of my students AND lost my hyper-organized First Day Folder.

Later she wonders: “Will I always have this anxiety the night before the first day back?”

To judge from the experiences of Mrs. Ris of Mentor Matters, a veteran special education teacher, the answer is, guess not. Mrs. Ris notes that she did some first-day planning last night, but that mostly she’s been taking it pretty easy:

I made the choice to forget all about school throughout the weekend. And that's exactly what I did. No thoughts of morning arrival routines, early assessment activities, playground rules, and singing new songs. Instead, college football, dinners out, visits with my daughter, … and pony-sized Coronas took center stage.

Hmm, college football and Coronas: Now that’s our kind of preparation.

A version of this news article first appeared in the Blogboard blog.